Sustainability & Environment

Sustainability & Environment
In addition to our focus on creating awesome beers, Devil’s Hollow Brewery is equally committed to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact.

Brewing waste (the spent grains from the brewing process and hops used in fermentation), is taken away by local farmers for their pigs, cattle & chooks. 

While it can be used for garden fertiliser as well, we've even had a mushroom grower use it for her fabulous fungi! 

When designing our building, we ensured it took full advantage of the sun, and applied a sloping roof facing north at an angle of 5°. On it, we've installed a 90kw solar system to power our 12hl brewhouse and the heating & cooling required for our internal space that fits 400 patrons.

Aerofloat Wasre Water Solution

We also had a custom designed water treatment system to ensure that our brewing wastewater is cleaned and you can read a case study about it here

We don't even use cardboard drink coasters!